Cryptid Crush is a TTRPG inspired Monster Visual Novel with eldritch elements!As a newcomer to the seaside town of Longhope, you find yourself surrounded by monsters of urban myth. Haunted by the cat specter Taro, your journey begins alongside the wingless Jersey Devil Jamie and the pint-sized Mothman Atlas.

Robyn : They/Them

Being a newcomer to the costal town of Longhope, Robyn may seem ordinary, but that's because they are. Despite seeking a quiet life up north, trouble always seems to find them... often in the form of a ghost cat named Taro.

Height: 5'10"/ 1.78m
Age: 20ish

Atlas : He / Him
A Mothman

Atlas is a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator known for bringing bad luck. Despite his brooding exterior, Atlas is a bubbly little bug man who loves writing and running his many blogs. He's very camera shy.

Height: 5'11"/ 1.80m
Age: 22

**Note: Listed Height Includes Feelers

Taro : She / Her
Ghost Cat

Angels, specifically guardian nyangels, are powerful divine beings who shelter humanity from the various supernatural dangers that plague the earth. Unfortunately, Taro is a total slacker who spends her days snoozing and arguing over jrpgs.

Height: Tiny
Height(Big): 5'2"/ 1.57m
Age: Deceased

Jamie : They / Them
Jersey Devil

A demon who, after centuries, grew tired of their devilish lifestyle. They instead have tried to live a simpler, peaceful life, or at least as close to one an exhiled demon from Hell can get. Imposing as they may be, Jamie hopes to one day be understood by mortals.

Height: 6'7"/ 2.01m
Age: 2XX

Tessie : She / Her
Lake Monster

Dwelling in the depths of the lake, a lonely cryptid rises from the waves after years of solitude. Taking on the form of a human (during the day), Tessie is a gentle giant who's trying to find a place in the world.

Height: 6'10"/ 2.08m
Age: 25

August : He/Him

Wolfman sightings are far from uncommon in Longhope, and while everyone knows it's August, he denies any involvement. In the daytime, August is a single dad who's trying his best to get by.

Height: 6'0"/ 1.83m
Height(Half): 6'6"/ 1.98m
Height(Wolf): 7'1"/ 2.16m
Age: 26

Mike Madhouse : He / Him
Radio Ghost

Mike Madhouse is a radio host turned ghost after a freak accident during the station's Graveyard Slot. Not much is known about this specter but some say he's trapped, cursed to DJ for the rest of eternity... His Fun Riddles segment is a fan favorite!

Height: 5'10"/ 1.78m
Age: 7 years dead

Edith : She / Her
Thursday : He / Him
Witch & Familiar

Supposed "cryptid keeper" and magician, Edith is a friend to all monster folk. Rumors speculate whether she’s actually a vampire, but really, Edith’s just a fan of spooky stuff.

Height: 5'4"/ 1.63m
Age: 31

Lexulathu'al : He / Him
The Great Devourer

An ancient cosmic horror turned layabout, Lex is an easygoing monster who’s fallen in love with human culture. Now Lex is only interested in the simple, present joys of life.

Height: Unknowable
Age: Forever

The Lizards Man
He, He, & Him


Height: 6'11"/ 2.11m
Age: 35

**Fun fact: The three of them are happily married


An alien invader from the outreaches of space, this Cryptid hasn’t been spotted in roughly 68 years. She’s an old school cryptid who has beef with the mothman.

Height: Tall
Age: Old

More cryptid sightings to come...